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Shop online safely

Online shopping is easy and less time-consuming, but be aware of scams and fraud. To shop online safely, make sure you go through these tips.

Secure websites
Check whether the page where you enter your payment details is secured. If the web address starts with https (instead of http), it is secured. 

Privacy policy
Before making an order, go through the privacy policy. You should know what the company will do with your personal details.

Delivery policy
A quick scan through the delivery policy is also advisable to find out how your goods will be delivered.

Reliable webshops – review rating
Shop at reliable and trustworthy webshops and don’t just go by the looks. If you are not so sure about a website, do some research and read reviews.

Save record
After your payment, you should get a confirmation of your order. Print it out or save it. You can also save the page where the order has to be confirmed, as it includes all the details. In case of trouble, you can show everything to your seller.